Project current Status
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Dear Followers,


Limitless technologies ltd. has identified  future potential of U.G.I. project and is working on partnership and investment program concept.

  • Currently our company is focused on spreading the word across internet, as well as finding investors, in order to be able to fund the next stage of UGI project development.
  • Our Team is collecting various data related to UGI project to help us meet our goal in near future.


  • Muscle memory developmentMuscle memory has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. Examples of muscle memory are found in many everyday activities that become automatic and improve with practice, such as riding a bicycle, typing on a keyboard, typing in a PIN, playing a musical instrument,[1] martial arts or even dancing. Visual and sound effect presented in UGI will only speed up motor learning process as more than just one sense is involved in memorizing process.
  • Tackle tactile feedback? Aperioristes Technologies will implement the latest developed software concerning tactile feedback. As Touchscreen industry is very rapidly improving, we are sure that those companies involved in producing touchscreen pads will help us improve it. Please remember- currently we are not trying to invent a new technology in touchscreen industry, we are simply combining the most effective use of the latest technological achievements available at current stage in UGI development. However, further developments of Aperioristes technologies do suppose a new type of hardware development.
  • UGI is not going to suit all gamers, especially not extreme ones ( as even the most sophisticated hardware do not withhold the RAGE TEST of some players) We fully understand variety of personalities, various needs, behaviour as well as attitudes. There are more than 1.5 Billion PC game users worldwide:

we are not planning to satisfy everyone, but those interested in success of our project!

Bartle’s player types are a way of classifying players of MUDs (and later by extension, and over-extension, MMORPGs) according to specific psychological aspects of their personality and how they prefer to play in a virtual world.

They are based on the compilation and observations of the results of a forum discussion (that lead later to The Bartle Test – which, despite bearing his name, was not created by Bartle) between MUD players about what they thought was fun in the game and what they thought others found fun about the same game.

From the observations and summary of the answers, Bartle theorized that MUD players could be split into four types, giving psychological portraits of players populating a virtual world for fun:

  • Killers like to provoke and cause drama and/or impose them over other players in the scope provided by the virtual world. Trolls, hackers, cheaters, and attention farmers belong in this category, along with the most ferocious and skillful PvP (player versus player) opponents.
  • Achievers are competitive and enjoy beating difficult challenges whether they are set by the game or by themselves. The more challenging the goal, the most rewarded they tend to feel.
  • Explorers like to explore the world – not just its geography but also the finer details of the game mechanics. These players may end up knowing how the game works and behave better than the game creators themselves. They know all the mechanics, short-cuts, tricks, and glitches that there are to know in the game and thrive on discovering more.
  • Socializers are often more interested in having relations with the other players than playing the game itself. They help to spread knowledge and a human feel, and are often involved in the community aspect of the game (by means of managing guilds or role-playing, for instance).

  • we are very grateful for your encouragement in the present campaign. Your positive feedback really gives us more strength and we promise to do everything in our power no to fail you.



I am sure there are still some people arguing that smart phones are not good, even it has been proven more than once that  implementing new technologies increases effectiveness and simplifies human life – I guess some people just like it “hard core”, but progress always finds a way to manifest itself!

Alexis Stargazer

UGI Working principles (FREE application)
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UGI – Universal Gaming Interface is an application on your tablet that allows you to dispose of necessity to buy joysticks, keyboards and other gadgets.

  • Universal gaming interface will work under your favorite mobile operating system such as iOS, Android or Windows,
  • UGI will be a FREE application, once downloaded giving customers FREE use of remote keyboard and mouse functionality.
  • Downloadable game interfaces in the application will cost starting from €3 depending on complexity of the interface
  • Crowdfunding Perks are available at the moment. It means you can pre-purchase a certain number of interfaces by the moment of release of UGI
  • UGI comes with built-in presets for popular games, and you can customize these presets by yourselves!
  • Visualization of controls on the tablet allows you to quickly and easily master the management of any game.
  • Integrated voice information assistant “IVIA” will quickly help you familiarize with its content
  • UGI takes into account the shape of the hands for the most comfortable control
  • Sound, visual and physical effects such as vibration and active HUD, will immerse player in yet unknown reality of gameplay
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Today our team has launched forums on our website to give you the opportunity to  discuss various topics concerning our project. We will greatly appreciate your feedback about our product as the final result will satisfy all of us. We believe that co-operative discussions of the idea may significantly improve the final result.  Our team will closely monitor all opinions and do our best to answer all arising questions regarding our project.

You can access to the forums by clicking this link  

Our short and long-term goals
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Short term goal of Aperioristes technologies is to launch  universal gaming interface modules till end 2018. All launched interfaces will be chosen by polls. In the upcoming year we plan to release additional 50 interfaces for various games.

  • Aperioristes technologies Future modifications of application involve the development of various interfaces for multipurpose programs, which are used in our daily life and work such as Adobe and Microsoft.
  • Our future goal is production of universal tablet-based hardware, in which previous software is taken into consideration, applying up-to-date latest technological achievements to obtain a high-quality product.
  • While running UGI project other business development strategies are developed for further companies grows.