Aperioristes technologies ltd. is currently offering U.G.I. investment strategy, which is unique business plan opportunity.

Investment amount starting from 300.000.00 – 800.000..00 Euros with up to 30% shared capital shares.

Availability: Only for *serious investors



1.st. year 30% gross margin profits are projected > Euros


High digital asset possession

High return on investment >25% per year

Low target market sales cap for

Investor, Main Shareholder with 30% in shared capital shares and 45% voting rights with respect to the effective deployment of concerted Business Development Strategies & Structures

Transaction & Capital Transparency


Business plan is available for *serious investors after signing companies provided NDA. <Non-Disclosure Agreement>


*serious investors – are meant an individual, commercial entity, commercial group or organization that provides written confirmation of interest in the proposed project “U.G.I., is ready to provide evidence of the availability of funds for the further development of joint venture and ready to proceed with legal registration of investment initial fee 0.85% transfer.

For more detailed information please contact us