U.G.I. partnership program


Aperioristes technologie ltd. (ATL) team is proud to announce first public available partnership program

ATL developed business plan involves projected profit for the first year of product release over Euros. Business plan is available for *serious partners after signing NDA.

Project visual concept preview:

ATL offers joint venture agreement on shared capital segmentation for *serious partners

ATL joint venture agreement offers 45% shared capital income for development departments.

Current maximal number of participants in each department is 3 persons

Shares on shared capital income and voting rights are divided between departments as follows:

  1. 27.5% Head & Concept department
  2. 27.5 QA & technology department
  3. 15% Programming department
  4. 15% Art & Designs department
  5. 15% Marketing department

ATL Partnership program main objective is to reach head goals set for UGI development and its commercial release.

Each department should be involved in specific goal achievements, and closely interfere with other departments for best possible outcome.

Online project development software’s such Trello, Workable, etc. should be used for better communication and project management between involved parties.

Weekly meeting should be held via conference calls to discuss and summarize work progress.

Prior of joining ATL team short interview should be conducted to estimate candidate’s skills and vision and ideas towards UGI project.

ATL Head & Concept department is responsible for, approval of department members and their allocation, financial transparency, legal documentation, products final release approval and protection of any copyrights and patents required during the development stages of UGI project.

QA & technology department is responsible for Quality Assurance, before product goes public.

Programming department is responsible for work at the heart of the UGI development process. They design and write the computer code that runs and controls the product, incorporating and adapting any ready-made code libraries and writing custom code as required. They test the code and fix bugs, and also develop customized tools for use by other members of the development team.

Designs & Art department is responsible for designs of interfaces, conceiving and designing the rules and structure of interfaces. Development teams usually have a lead designer who coordinates the work of other designers. They are the main visionary of the product. One of the roles of a designer is being a writer, for various parts of the project, such as, UGI mechanics, user interface, characters, dialogue, etc.Artist part of department is a visual artist who creates UGI project art. The art production is usually overseen by concept department, making sure their vision is followed. The artist’s job may be 2D oriented or 3D oriented. 2D artists may produce concept art, sprites, textures, environmental backdrops or terrain images, and user interface. 3D artists may produce models or meshes, animation, 3D environment, and cinematics. Artists sometimes occupy both roles.


Marketing department is responsible for promoting the business and mission of an organization. It serves as the face of your company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is the Marketing Department’s job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and/or the community, and create an overarching image that represents your company in a positive light—that is, your brand. Major duties include

  • Conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives (crowdsourcing)
  • Producing marketing and promotional materials.
  • Creating content providing search engine optimizationfor your website.
  • Monitoring and managing social media.
  • Producing internal communications
  • Serving as media liaison.
  • Conducting customer and market research.
  • Overseeing outside vendors and agencies.

We would like to form a team unified with the same vision for achieving set up UGI goals.

Development stages:

  • Developing and release for general public a working prototype (Alpha release) interface of mouse and keyboard, for testing and feedback purposes
  • Developing and releasing 1st game interface for earnings purposes through carefully designed testing and development stages ( testing and development table)
  • Developing and releasing multiple game interfaces for general public with earnings purposes.
  • Development of hardware related to UGI Project
  • Development and implementation of use of multipurpose programs in to other aspects of human life using UGI working principle:

Universal gaming interface will work under your favorite mobile operating system such as iOS, Android or Windows.

UGI will be a FREE application, once downloaded giving customer’s FREE use of remote keyboard and mouse functionality.

UGI comes with built-in presets for popular games, and you can customize these presets by yourselves.

Integrated voice information assistant “IVIA” will quickly help you familiarize with its content.

UGI takes into account the shape of the hands for the most comfortable control.

Sound, visual and physical effects such as vibration and active HUD, will immerse player in yet unknown reality of gameplay.

Testing and development table

*serious partners – is considered an individual, commercial entity, commercial group or organization that provides written confirmation of interest in the proposed project “UGI“, is ready to proceed with application form and online interview.

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    Каркасный гараж Уфа — в нашей организации вы можете в удобное для вас сезон узнавать с проектами простых и недорогих решений. У нас вы можете заказать гараж с отделкой, плоской или двускатной крышей, утеплителем сиречь без него, всякий формы и размера. Мы работаем много лет и построили сотни гаражей разного уровня сложности, которые прежде сих пор сильно и надежно защищают автомобили наших клиентов. Строительство гаражей около ключ, некоторые владельцы движимого имущества считают необязательным ставить машину в араж сиречь заморачиваться по поводу строительства. И напрасно! Согласитесь, проще угнать тож испортить машину, которая абсолютно не защищена, чем ту, которая закрыта следовать семью замками. Будьте бдительны! Звоните нам кстати! И мы оперативно решим ваш вопрос.
    Строительство гаража забора, построить правда надежный и добротный гараж – труд ответственное и непростое. Лишь для застрельщик воззрение кажется, который нет ничего проще возведения гаражной постройки. Для самом деле наши мастера проводят цельный комплекс мероприятий, которые требуют знания технологий, методик и позволяют создать идеальное укрытие для ваших нужд.
    Мы готовы построить гараж для всей вашей семьи на две alias три машины любого типа. Позвоните, поделитесь мыслями и идеями, мы вас выслушаем и скорыми темпами реализуем поручение в жизнь. Закажите сподручный и продуманный намерение у наших мастеров, и будьте спокойны за особенный автомобиль. Звоните! Строительство бетонных гаражей — инженеры с большим стажем ради плечами и умышленно обученные каменщики выполнят гараж около ключ, применяя токмо проверенные и лучшие марки материала. На протяжении долгого срока мы сотрудничаем с одними поставщиками и производителями, которые сроду не подводили нас, а значит и наших клиентов. Заказывайте услугу и будьте спокойны изза производство. Достоинство строительства гаража, цены зависят через материала, из которого вы собираетесь заказать работу, объема, сложности, скорости, отдаленности через города. Позвоните и пригласите нашего выездного мастера для определения боле точной стоимости ради работу, выбора проекта, обсуждения всех деталей, и оцените профессионализм сотрудников нашей компании у себя на территории.

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