Our Project Universal Gaming Interface (UGI)

In today’s fast-paced world we understand the importance of comfort, efficiency, ease of familiarization, and use. Having considered the development of the most popular personal device – a mobile phone, and having compared it with another more popular device – a personal computer, we noticed the complexity and out-of-date use of such gadgets as a joystick, keyboard, and mouse, especially when applied to games. At present a touch screen interface is the most natural way of interactive engagement with a computer, so why not use it in the gameplay?

UGI is an application on your tablet that allows you to dispose of necessity to buy joysticks, keyboards and other gadgets.

No more wires all around, or irrational use of space occupied by mice and keyboards, no cleaning dirty clogged keyboards and mice.

The future of gaming touch screen interface is here and right at hand.


  • Universal gaming interface works under your favorite mobile operating system such as iOS, Android or Windows, and provides a fully customizable interface, in which the position and functions of each virtual controls are adjustable by yourself for maximum comfort.
  • Visualization of controls on the tablet allows you to quickly and easily master the management of any game.
  • Integrated voice information assistant “IVIA” will help you quickly familiarize with its content
  • Enough reading manuals!
  • comes with built-in presets for popular games, and you can customize these presets by yourselves!
  • takes into account the shape of the hands for the most comfortable control
  • Sound, visual and physical effects such as vibration and active HUD, will immerse player in yet unknown reality of gameplay
  • Customizable background option will give you a free choice of what you see on your display

Game interface functionality description

Easy adjustable for both left and right hand

Space game Demo  interface mode    

Main interface keyboard DEMO version

Main interface mouse DEMO version

Professional players spend hundreds of dollars on special devices for each game and various consoles. With UGI we give gamers opportunities to choose their own interfaces and enjoyment in one application.


Credo of our company is – Simplicity in complexity – and this is exactly what universal gaming interface represents.


That we need now, is your support today. Be a part of helping to make gaming more evolutionary and make the future of game interfacing a reality.

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